The UBISTART competition

>In the UBISTART competition, the projects from the international partnerships will be evaluated based on their compliance to the following criteria:

  • Why your product/project is innovative with regard to the scientific world.
  • Why your product/project is innovative with regard to what currently exists on the market.
  • In what way your product/project answers unmet needs.
  • The impact on society that your product/project would have.
  • In what way your product/project is realistic and economically viable.
  • The added scientific and economic value to developing an international partnership versus maintaining a domestic focus.

An independent, international jury under the auspices of the Galien Foundation Board and chaired by Bernard Poussot will review proposals and select the 9 most innovative and promising North American – French projects.

North American and French participants will apply as a team to the UBISTART competition by submitting a joint proposal by Friday, October, 31 2014.

UBISTART Award – December 04, 2014 – MONACO, France

During the 45th Prix Galien Awards Ceremony and in the presence of the 9 nominees 3 winners will be announced:

• 1st Prize :$50 000
• 2nd Prize : $30 000
• 3rd Prize : $20 000

Follow up by Ubifrance

The selected winners will then implement their pilot projects. Over a period of approximately 6 months, Ubirance will provide support and guidance for winners.