Welcome to the UBISTART Tour 2014

The Galien Foundation and UBIFRANCE join forces in order to enable, encourage and reward international partnerships between French and North American innovators within the the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, and healthcare industries, where innovation, scientific excellence and commercial goals are of utmost importance.

What can you expect from the UBISTART Tour?

Global Networking opportunity: On one day, in one place, meet with 40 French potential partners and relevant US/Canadian actors.
To identify strategic partnerships and facilitate synergistic collaborations.
• To benchmark innovations and best practices already existing in the European pipeline.
• To reinforce the visibility and the feasibility of your project by connecting with experienced, reputable partners.

UBISTART: the 4 steps of the program

1/ UBISTART TOUR - JULY 10, 2014 - New York Academy of Sciences - NYC, USA
Find a Match

A full day BtoB sessions will be held on July 10th 2014 to facilitate matchmaking and help US-French innovators to connect and discuss about potential collaborations.
An independent, international jury formed under the auspices of the Galien Foundation will have selected French participants. This jury is composed by scientific and financial experts.

Submit Synergistic Proposals

US and French participants will then apply as a team to the UBISTART COMPETITION by submitting a joint proposal by Friday, October, 31 2014. A panel of expert judges chaired by Bernard Poussot, will review proposals and select the 9 most innovative and promising US-French projects.

3/ UBISTART AWARD – DECEMBER 04, 2014 - Monaco, France
Award Ceremony

During the 45th Galien Awards Ceremony and in the presence of the 9 nominees, 3 winners will be announced:
1st : US$ 50 000
2nd : US$ 30 000
3rd : US$ 20 000

Implement Pilot Projects

The selected winners will then implement their pilot projects. Over a period of approximately 6 months, Ubifrance will provide support and guidance for winners.


The UBISTART program will operate in three phases:
• Between March and May, the first phase of communication will allow for French candidates to apply online while, simultaneously, projects to be presented during the UBISTART Tour will be selected and prepared.
• On July 10, during the UBISTART Tour, the participants will have the opportunity to present their project(s), to learn about the projects of other companies and to meet with potential partners (either from companies or other individuals in the program).
•The partnerships that arise from the UBISTART Tour will then have three months to develop and present their international project and apply to the UBISTART competition. The Galien Foundation Board, which includes several Nobel Laureates, will oversee the selection of the independent international jury who will be responsible each December for choosing and awarding the UBISTART Award to the most innovative and promising of the projects originating from the UBISTART Tour.


Who can participate to the UBISTART Program?
- Innovative Company
- Research Institute
- Healthcare organization (Within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and e-health industries)

How to register?
By completing the application form online.

What are the participation fees?
UBISTART Tour is a by invitation only program.

What have been the evaluation criteria to select French participants?
Applications have been evaluated by an expert judging panel using key criteria and weights listed below:
* Innovation of the project: In what way is the project innovative in terms of scientific investigation and in terms of the current market offerings?
* Need and Social impact: How does the proposal meet unfulfilled needs? What is the anticipated societal impact?
* Viability of the project: Justify the interest and the economic viability of the project.
* International collaboration: With regard to each individual partner, what is the scientific and/or economic value added to forming an international partnership?

The UBISTART Tour and the Galien Foundation-UBIFRANCE competition from the UBISTART Program are open to (all French companies that meet the following criteria):
- the company must be based in France,
- the company must have the status of Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) or of an innovative company, or have been in existence for less than 10 years, or be an academic or industrial spin-off in existence for less than 2 years
- the company must be part of the health care field at large (pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical or biomedical technologies, e-health) and be working on highly innovative research projects.

Already established French-French or French-American partnerships are also eligible to sign up for the UBISTART Tour, if at least one of the members is a JEI, if they wish to find a new partner, to increase awareness of their project or to be eligible for the UBISTART Program.